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 I spent yesterday with some emerging leaders from different firms.   Almost all of them were Gen-Xers.

When you become a leader, it is very important to learn all you can about people, in general, and individually.  The workshop I was leading was focused on leading across generations.  I found it interesting that several of the Gen-Xers had the same exact mindset that I usually see in Baby Boomers.  A very few had a Millennial mindset, mostly because of the age they happen to be, of course.

What it did confirm for me is that there is definitely an over-lap in generations.  It also demonstrated a major point of my presentation.  We cannot put people in boxes because everyone is different.  it depends on how they grew up, where they grew up and what kind of culture they have lived in during their working lives.

When you have people of different generations working together you will naturally have points of friction.  The most important thing you can do in your firm is to talk about the friction and work towards resolving it.  As you are exploring the generational differences, I know you will find some Millennials who have similarities to Baby Boomers.  Baby Boomers who have traits of Traditionalists and even some traits of Millennials.

The important thing is to talk and explore and then resolve.

"If you want happiness for a lifetime - help the next generation." - - Chinese Proverb

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