Do you Tweet what you Twitter on about?

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I recently read an article on the true value of Twitter et al, on the real value of social media marketing.

“ article from marketing expert Kevin Wheeler, who aired some doubts last week about the role of services like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. While conceding that they had some part to play, the thrust of Wheeler's argument was to suggest that the smarter route was to take the well trodden path through face to face events, dinners and seminars, writing white papers and getting published in the trade press.”
I do not nessersarily agree with this in so far as it is what you do with it and capture audiences eys that count.
Marketing in business is all about adding value and either being a leader, or a follower. If you don’t engage in social media, does that mean you fall into neither category?
I know that there are many who do tweet, I mutually follow many of the AccountingWEB community already. So, tell me -
  • What’s your Twitter handle
  • How often do you use twitter?
  • Details of any twitter marketing campaigns that you are currently undertaking – tell us about them and we can tweet about it.
  • What success have you achieved with it?
@UKAccounting Focussed on helping overseas companies enter the UK. Full-outsourced accounting paralleled with land and expand services. We focus all of our marketing campaigns towards overseas companies looking at setting up here, or who are already operating here (who are owned by overseas parent co).
We use Twitter several times a day. We have also successfully converted a client through geo-targeting, which resulted in a fantastic ROI. However, it is worthwhile to hear what other firms and professionals within our realm are discussing.
Twitter is definitely worthwhile investing in, and what’s more, it is free!
A key point to remember is “Rome wasn’t built in a day”
Slow, steady progress will gain you tremendous authority in the long term.


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