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Oct 20th 2010
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As I travel around the country talking with various firms, I often hear a familiar story.  The following is about the position of Marketing Director, however, it applies to other management level support positions in CPA firms.  A firm recently hired their third marketing person in recent times. This time they hired a Marketing Manager rather than a Marketing Director. Wondering why? They have found that an experienced Marketing Director assumes that they will be a high-level, decision maker included in high-level strategies. In reality, many CPA firms do not open up high-level meetings nor decisions to a marketing person (at least not as quickly as the new Marketing Director might expect). There are exceptions, of course, but I find the majority of CPA firm Marketing Directors, especially a firm’s first person in this position, lead the marketing activities but are not included in partner strategic retreats or meetings. Experienced Marketing Directors then get frustrated very quickly and move on. The CPA firm environment continues to be a puzzle and a challenge to those with no prior CPA firm experience. Have you had a new HR person, marketing person or admin person ask: “Why do the partners ignore my emails? Why do I have to stand outside their door to get an answer? Why do we continually have to nag them to take action on an internal matter?”  It is sometimes difficult for people new to CPA firms to understand the pressures of client service and the procrastination of “internal” responsibilities. Yet, it is a fact of life in many CPA firms. As for the marketing position, even fairly small firms would benefit greatly from a Marketing Coordinator. Ideally, the firm will grow, the person will grow and the position will grow into a true Marketing Director role  “Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.”


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