Disney's Customer Service

Jan 28th 2009
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By Ryan Williams, TechBetter.com - Last Thursday I attended a leadership conference. One of the speakers at the conference was Lee Cockerell. Mr. Cockerell was a Vice President at Disney for 10 years and was in charge of all Disney theme parks among other things. He said several things that stuck with me but the most memorable was the sign he said Disney has posted in all employee areas. He said the sign reads "Be so nice to the guests they can't believe it." Every business preaches customer service. I know we at Nexxtep talk about it all the time, but that sentence is a tough standard. It's one thing to be nice, but to be so unexpectedly nice that you leave someone astonished? Imagine if every business had that sentence as their goal. I might not hate shopping so much.

Well, needless to say, I was inspired and that sentence has become my goal.

Ryan Williams

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