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Tom Hood and his colleagues at the Maryland Association of CPAs never fail to amaze and impress. Sometimes you can find them orchestrating a flash mob of accountants or putting down stakes in the virtual world of Second Life, but most recently the Association has gotten serious about XBRL and has undertaken a project to demonstrate XBRL's scope and versatility by tagging its own financial statements and showing how nonprofits can, well, profit from the experience.

What message can you learn from the MACPA's XBRL project? First, you can start examining your own client base to see who can benefit from the experiences of MACPA. But the bigger message is, stop waiting for other people to tell you what works and what doesn't. Be proactive and experiment. That's what new technology is all about. Whether it's cloud technology, IFRS and XBRL, social media, or choreographing a dance – the leaders are the ones who take the first steps.

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