Dads Want Work Life Balance Too

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Having a baby means presents....cute clothes....decorating the nursery....maternity leave for mom.  Nice, but what about the guy in the background we call dad?  While it is a given that expectant moms take the maternity leave due to them, what about paternity leave for dads?  Is it society's perception that prevents dads from taking paternity leave so that they, too, may bond with their baby?  Slowly the tides are changing.

We know that the new wave of employees to hit the job market (affectionately known as Gen Y) expect to achieve greater fullfillment both personally and in work/life balance.   While not to pick on Gen Y'ers (because X'ers look for this too), it is the Millennials who will push work/life balance to new heights, and you can bet they are exercising their family leave rights.

In today's dual career society, it is not uncommon for dad to take time out of his work day to take Sniffly Sarah to the doctor, or for mom to take Tommy Baseball to practice.  But why, in this modern day, are dads made to feel that if they take a day to attend a class trip they are not committed to their careers?  Mom's feel the same way, however, it is expected that moms take on the lions share of the child rearing responsibilites.

More and more dads are exercising work/life balance, even though society still deems the parent as mom.  Newsflash:  The term "parent" does not only refer to mom, it refers to dad as well. 

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