Cross-Selling or Cross-Serving During Tax Season

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By Sally Glick - In a previous blog we talked about the ways that you can use tax season to market services to your existing clients. Some firms still are uncomfortable with the idea of “cross selling” and do not believe that introducing new, relevant services to clients can actually produce a win-win situation for everyone. Actually, the client can tap into your skills and expertise while you develop a new revenue stream.

No one is suggesting that any CPA should “push” unnecessary or inappropriate services on clients just because they can. Instead, we all agree that it is a privilege to serve as a client’s ‘trusted advisor,’ and as such it is a role that should be handled with responsibility. BUT - if you do identify additional services that your clients may need, tax season is a perfect opportunity for scheduling future appointments.

Set up a matrix for yourself so that you can quickly see which services each client is currently utilizing – and where any obvious gaps occur. This may help you help you client!

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