Creating a Buzz about Your CPA Firm

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Create a buzz about your CPA firm. Here are some little things that can make a huge difference.

Get an article published in your local business journal or business section of your local newspaper. Also submit articles to various trade organizations to which your clients (and potential clients) belong. You might just hear from a client, “Hey, I saw an article written by you in the last (fill-in the blank) newsletter. That was great!”

Give out something for free.  How about a mileage log or a summary of tax rates, or better yet, find some great Apps for recording expenses, etc. and send a link to your clients. There are so many great Apps out there.

Create a client referral program.  Reward clients for giving you leads or making introductions. I always think of Chris Frederiksen, the first CPA consultant I ever heard speak in person. He always advises to never let your current clients think you are “too busy” to take on additional clients. He gave us a line to repeat that day, many years ago and I have thought about it continually for 25 years – -“Business is great and we’re looking for more.”

Be unique. All CPA firms look alike to most small business owners. This is one I continually stress for CPA firm leaders.  Be distinct or extinct. Try something similar to Enterprise car rental. Read my Enterprise story in this article in the most recent issue of my newsletter.

"He who refuses to learn deserves extinction." - Rabbi Hillel


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