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I really enjoyed a post by Michael Hsu back on February 21.  It entertainly described how he can work from anywhere.  Michael is founder & CEO of Deep Sky Accounting, Where Tech Savvy Accountancy Happens.

Please take a couple of minutes and read his post about how all he needs to be able to work is a tray table, a folding chair, his trusty MacBook Pro and his iPhone.

I like how Michael and Deep Sky are doing things and doing things differently:  We are a team of accounting ninjas who can slice, dice and judo chop raw numbers into meaningful business information.

When you visit the Deep Sky website take note of the "call us" message:  Let's Chat. Call us at 909.255.6478 and miraculously a human will pick up! Not big on talking? Email us.

Michael came to mind because last week, I worked "differently," too.  Not all day every day, but early mornings and late afternoons, I worked from Hilton Head Island. 

The picture above is of Michael demonstrating how he can work 100% from anywhere (he was stuck in Detroit in a snow storm).

The picture below is of how I worked last week - a patio table and a chair on a balcony, my trusty MacBook Pro and my iPhone. Plus, note the glass of wine and the view of the ocean. I like my picture better because there is NO SNOW.


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