CPA Internship Programs - Local/Regional vs. Big 4

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I am a cheerleader for the local/regaional CPA firm, for firms other than the Big 4. It is just natural since I "grew-up" in a local firm, a firm that grew to become a multi-office, multi-state firm.

I realize that local/regional firms are competing to attract the best and brightest accounting graduates and that the big, national firms continually win the game.

A conversation with a parent of a top-notch accounting student said this to me recently when we were discussing her daughter’s pursuit of an internship for next summer. The parent (who is very familiar with local and regional firms) is pushing for the student to seek an internship with the Big 4. I asked, “Why??”

The reply:

“I know from experience that accounting can provide a challenging and lucrative career for a young person. I don’t want my daughter to be turned-off from accounting because of a disorganized internship at a local firm.”

Yes, I am telling you this story to get your attention.  It is very sad to me.  I know there are great internship programs alive and well inside local and regional firms. But, how many parents (and students) know that for sure?

How’s yours?“I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.” - - Eartha Kitt

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