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My wife purchased a game for the Nintendo Wii called "Walk it Out." I started using it daily in late February. The game is set on "Rhythm Island" and is pretty much undeveloped. By walking in beat to the music, you gather points which you use to open new routes on the island, obtain additional songs, get access to the "Magical Clock" that allows you to change the time of day in the game, and get the 12 signs of the Zodiac in the nighttime sky. The main thing you do though is build the island. There are several distinct sections - a shopping district, apartment and hotel district, upscale housing, flower fields, ranch and more. I generally walked anywhere from 4 - 6 miles a session. You can see my holding the Wii remote in my right hand. The cord leading from the remote leads to the nunchuk in my pocket which recorded each step.

The game became somewhat addicting and sometimes you wouldn't want to stop - oh just 3 more minutes and I have enough points to build one more house. It was also a great stress reliever during the last month and a half of our busy season.

I completed the whole island on Saturday. In the process, I walked about 275 miles and lost over 12 pounds. While I didn't know I had prostate cancer and upcoming surgery when I started doing "Walk it Out", it has helped me get in better shape overall and will hopefully aid me in a quick recovery.

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