Country Music Marketing for CPAs

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My fuel gauge flashed on empty,

So I drove to the local Shell Station in my trusty pick-up,

To fill-her-up,

At the high-test, high-price premium pump.

In walked a young man,

Singing as loudly as one can,

About women, beer, and love gone wrong,

It was a new country song,

But like every other one.

That boy taught me something that day,

That I’ll carry to my grave,

About marketing for my fellow CPAs.

You see, if I had been a talent scout,

Or someone else with clout,

I would have signed that fellow right then and there.

But if he hadn’t been a singin’,

I wouldn’t been a thinkin’,

‘Bout him or his talent at all,

As I wouldn’t have known about it, y’all.

This is somethin’ CPAs don’t do,

They don’t show future clients, movers and shakers, what they can do,

How they can help them,

How smart they are,

And how much one surely needs them.

Rather they sit in their office and complain,

About the economy and the firm’s profit drain,

Instead of taking a lesson from that boy that day,

In my neighborhood Shell Station.

We need to go to where people will see and hear us,

Those we want to notice us,

And demonstrate our talent some way.

Maybe it’s speakin’ ‘bout some topic you love,

Could be you learn’t somethin’ you would like to share,

Perhaps it’s an article you would like to write,

Or share some valuable personal insight.

Then perchance sooner than you think,

Someone will hand you a drink,

And tell ya’ “We need to talk,

Ours don’t do nothin’,

We’re looking for a new CPA.”

Allan S. Boress, CPA, CVA is the author of 12 published books on marketing, selling and managing the business development process for CPAs.  The “I-Hate-Selling” Book is available at

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