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For those of you counting the days until the end of tax season, keep counting. The IRS has added Monday, April 16, as a tax holiday, repeating last year's recognition of Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C. Emancipation Day, in case you are wondering, is the official recognition of the emancipation of the slaves of African American origin. Needless to say, this celebration will have little to do with the emancipation of exhausted accountants of all origins who will have to hold off on end-of-busy-season celebrating for one extra day.

According to Wikipedia, Emancipation Day also celebrates the abolition of serfdom and other forms of servitude, but apparently tax preparers don't fall into either of those categories. For tax preparers, the holiday means one more day of trying to get everything finished. For tax procrastinators, the holiday means one more day of waiting to prepare your tax return at the very last minute.

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