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In previous marketing blog posts we have discussed the impact of a strong internal culture on your promise of quality client service. The connection between loyal and satisfied employees and your firm's profitability has been well documented. That being said, I just finished Tony Hsieh's book, "Deliverying Happiness," about the rise of - and it was life changing! What he accomplished is remarkable, but it is not surprising. That is because he had a goal to maximize the company's client experience at every level. To achieve this lofty objective he created a culture that embraced the philosophy and hired the people who would implement it. Collectively they  build a  life-long relationship with each client by delivering a wonderful experience with every interaction.

This is the very basic foundation for every successful compeny in any industry, and most especially in the world od public accounting but it is so frequently ignored.  It is becoming pretty common for firms to designate budget funds  for marketing and branding but much less common for them to structure their business around consistently WOW-ing  employees and c;ients. One need only read David Meister to reinforce the principle of the WOW factor, but how many discuss their firm's core values when interviewing future employees?

Think about your culture for a moment and consider what your employees might say if they were asked to write 100-500 words on what the firm culture means to them. Are your core values just a marketing message or are they embedded in the firm's culture in such a way as to guarantee your client promise?

How your staff answers your "culture question" will be the best marketing tool you can hope for, because your success will come through their efforts and passion.  Good luck - and be sure to read Tony's book.


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