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By Ryan Williams, - This week's tech tip is on copying and pasting. I am going to go out on a limb and assume everyone already knows what copying and pasting is. So I am going to address what I consider one of the most annoying aspects of copying and pasting in Windows which is text formatting. As I'm sure you have noticed at one time or another, when you copy and paste text between two programs, the pasted text usually keeps the formatting of the copy source rather than matching the formatting of the paste destination. This can be quite annoying at times because you usually have to spend time reformatting the pasted text to match the formatting of the place in which it was pasted. There are two simple solutions to this problem.

If you are working in Microsoft Word 2007, there is an option for how to handle copy and pastes located in the Word Options menu and then the Advanced section.

Click here to see where MS Word 2007 Options are located.

Click here to see where the Advanced section is located.

My favorite solution, however, is a little more old school. I prefer this solution because it works in all scenarios, not just in MS Word. This solution is to open Notepad which is the free text application that comes with MS Windows. To launch Notepad follow these two steps:

Click on the start menu and then the Run option.
Click here for an example image.

Type "notepad" in the Run window and press OK.
Click here for an example image.

(You can also find a shortcut to Notepad by clicking on the start menu, then programs, then accessories.)

If you paste anything into the Notepad program window, Notepad will clear all formatting and keep just the text. Then you can copy from the Notepad window and paste anywhere you like with no formatting. This is especially helpful when copying text from Web Pages where you may encounter embedded images and links in the text. Using this simple technique will strip away everything except the text and allow you to paste the text anywhere formatting free.

I hope you find the tech tip useful.

Happy Teching,

Ryan Williams

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