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This education edition of the AccountingWEB newsletter has a bit of a focus on consumer education, since some consumers, as well as co-workers, appear to need a refresher course on getting along. First rule: If you're the type of person who would consider carrying a loaded gun or a can of pepper spray to the mall thinking that will help you bully your way to the front of the line so you can purchase that special something for your certain someone, be sure to keep your lawyer's phone number on speed dial. Better yet, you're exactly the type of person who should think seriously about staying home and shopping online.

And for those of you who are shopping online, this holiday season is greeting you with the latest attempts at credit card and personal identity theft. Even AccountingWEB has been the subject of a phishing attempt. C'mon - don't the bad guys know that accountants are the least likely people in the world to click on sketchy looking links or fork over personal information to complete strangers? Maybe the cyber criminals are starting to get desperate.


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By Kukuans
Nov 19th 2017 00:00

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