Considering the Technology Gap

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When I read articles such as 7 Agencies Make Progress on 'Cloud First' Policy, discussing the movement of government services to the Cloud, I can't help but want to step back and consider the ever-growing separation of tech-savvy people and those who are not connected. It's not just a story of First World vs. Third World, or large societies that are in danger of being left behind, although that's a very big issue. There is also a technology gap occurring right here in our country.

Those of us who work in a tech world are familiar with the constant rush to have the latest gadget, the coolest app, the paperless environment, our lives in the Cloud. But what happens to those who use landlines and who don't own computers? The people who think "swipe" still means to steal something, and "scroll" refers to an ancient document. Sometimes I worry that, while we're looking down from the Cloud, we are driving a greater sense of separation and alienation in our country.


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By Judy ODell
Jun 26th 2015 01:10

This is particularly true in rural areas of the country- like the Eastern Shore of Maryland where I live- that lack high speed internet connections. With a satellite dish connection cloud computing like QuickBooks online is painfully slow. We need a national effort to give everyone access to high speed internet connections at a reasonable cost

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