Completely Off-Topic in Las Vegas

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I've been in Las Vegas since Sunday night, staying at the wonderful Four Seasons for 4 days of CPE.  Monday and Tuesday was Revenue Recognition in Depth.  Wednesday and Thursday is the SEC Reporting and FASB Forum for Mid-Sized and Smaller Reporting Companies - smaller reporting companies is a huge niche for us and these two days are full of vital information for us.  I'm here now with my partner Ron Silberstein.  These 4 days will generate a series of blog posts.  This one is completely off-topic.

The Revenue Recognition class ended at noon, and I found myself with a free afternoon with nothing to do.

Stop 1:  Gold and Silver Pawn Shop - the location of Pawn Stars on The History Channel.

 Yes, I took a cab from the Four Seasons (the top 5 floors of Mandalay Bay and at the south end of the strip) to the Pawn Shop, which is maybe 7 miles north and close to downtown.  The building itself isn't all that big.  The parking lot where you see them talking to people hoping to sell stuff was actually being used as a parking lot, but half of it was full of cabs for a makeshift cab stand.  (Round trip cost me a little over $50).

The inside of the store was pretty much like what you'd expect it to look like, just crowded.  A big bouncer at the door.  Stantions down the center aisle for crowd control.  I saw many things from the show - the Jim Morrison photo, the bowling ball shooting mortar, the Faberge black widow piece, a Dick Tracy panel, and more.  The only purchasing I saw going on was from the gift shop area.  Everyone kept asking when Chumlee was coming out.  Finally, after a few minutes I heard "quiet on the set" and I squeezed down to the pawn area.  I was about 30 feet away but there was the Old Man and Chumlee, looking exactly like they do on TV.  Then I saw an older gentleman holding an antique rifle and I started to figure out what was going on.  They announced they were going to clear the store in 10 minutes - that is how the store looks so empty when someone comes in to sell something.

I was there maybe 30 minutes but it was well worth going.  My wife was very jealous, as she is a big fan of the show.  First time too she's been jealous of my travels.

Stop 2:  The Four Seasons Pool

I've been to hotel pools many times, but nothing like this.  At least half a dozen attendents there for your comfort.  You come in and they get a special length towel that fits over the top of the lounge chair pad and then covers its length.  They give you a couple of towels and your own personal pitcher of ice water.  They check in on you periodically.  Ron said earlier they came by with sliced cucumbers to put on your eyes while you slept and they sometimes come by to clean your glasses or sunglasses.  Luxury at the pool.  I loved every minute of it.  And the banana split was pretty good too.

Like I said, this is off-topic, but I enjoyed yesterday afternoon.  Class today is from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.  That will be my penance.


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