Communicate at the correct level

Feb 25th 2011
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It's always a challenge to communicate at the correct level with people, right? Whether they're clients, coworkers, or referral sources, most folks don't want to insult the other person's intelligence or speak way above his or her head. A CPA I worked with years ago told me that the toughest thing to figure out as a young accountant was gauging the financial level at which to speak with clients. What made me think of this was reading CFO magazine last weekend. In a sentence that read, "'s debt-to-EBITDA has dropped..." I was surprised to see an explanation of EBITDA in parentheses after this common financial acronym. It's CFO magazine for crying out loud! I'm guessing that at least 99 percent of its readers know it stands for...well, you know.

Last week in my note, things got a bit controversial. Here are comments from readers.

Rob Nance
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