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By Ryan Williams, - We do a lot of website development. As part of the process we often evaluate a company's existing website before planning the new one. There are several common mistakes we see repeated over and over. I have listed a few of these common mistakes below. Scan the list and see how your website stacks up.

MISTAKE: Displaying email addresses on a web page
WHY IT IS A MISTAKE: There are programs on the Internet that do nothing but scan web pages to harvest email addresses. Once found, these email addresses end up being targets for spammers. A better idea is to use contact forms on the site so visitors can still contact you via email. If done correctly, this method does not expose your email address.

MISTAKE: Not considering browser compatibility when the website is developed
WHY IT IS A MISTAKE: Not all web browsers interpret web pages the same. What looks like a work of art in one browser might look like a train wreck in another. Internet Explorer has lost market share every year since 2003 so developing for just Internet Explorer is not wise.

MISTAKE: Not giving ample thought to web page titles
WHY IT IS A MISTAKE: Web page titles have a lot to do with search engine ranking and click rates. Careful consideration should go in to your web page titles.

MISTAKE: Not keeping track of your website visitors and website browsing patterns
WHY IT IS A MISTAKE: As the old business saying goes, "you can't improve what you don't measure." If you do not know how many visitors your website generates and where they navigate once they are on your website, then how can you improve your website to get more business?

MISTAKE: Not including your company's contact information and driving directions
WHY IT IS A MISTAKE: While displaying email addresses on a website is a bad idea, displaying your telephone number, address and driving directions are a must.

MISTAKE: Not investing enough
WHY IT IS A MISTAKE: As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for." Many people think they can get a website developed for $200, and they are right. You can get a $200 website developed for $200. However, if want to represent your firm well, you may have to invest a little more. When determining the budget for your website, keep in mind that many potential clients will base their buying decision solely on the look and content of your website.

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