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The publisher asked me to blog for AccountingWEB, and I'm glad to do so.  So I had to come up with a title for my blog. "Change is Coming" has been my mantra for some time now...  so the Change is Coming blog is born! Hot dang!  Aren't you excited?

There is a lot tied up in that title.  See, I believe our profession is old, stodgy and full of nerds.  But on the other hand, I meet some bright shining gems here and there that are full of innovation and ready for change.  What's the difference?  I note that the difference is typically a demographics issue.  The old poots are on the way out, and the fresh new faces are coming in with new ways of doing things.  Change is coming.

Change is something we are unable to prevent.  It is coming whether you like it or not!  And instead of just letting it happen, I would like to be more proactive to drive the change that we want in our industry.  I'm doing that through the THRIVEal +CPA Network, a network of international firms committed to changing the accountancy industry within the basics tenets of Community, Collaboration, Technology and Innovation.  I welcome you to join me there:

Members will enjoy Community Calls, where we as members will get together 6 times each year to geek out together on technology and discuss technical topics like how we can wear flip flops to work.  Membership is free.

We'll also have the occasional (paid) online conference where national thought leaders will get together to teach us stuff, and challenge us to continue to change.  In fact, registration for our first online conference is up now.  This one is called "Pioneering the New Firm" and we are going to talk about four areas that you can change in your firm to become a firm for the new generations.  We'll discuss New Management, New Marketing, New Technology and New Processes.  You can register at the site by clicking here:

So, "change is coming" is definitely true.  We don't have to be scared of it either.  Aren't you tired of doing things the same old way you've always done them?  Boring!  Let's shake things up and turn our industry into what it can be: cool, hip, innovative, thought-provoking for our clients and fun!  You down with that?


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