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By Eva Lang - If anyone doubts that business valuation and litigation support is growing as a practice area, they haven't been to a business valuation conference in 2007. The AICPA Business Valuation conference that just ended on December 4th attracted a record number of attendees. Congratulations to Conference Planning Chair Robin Taylor and his committee for running the largest single organization conference devoted to business valuation topics ever. Next week, I'll cover some of the interesting topics from the AICPA BV conference and look at some of the emerging issues in valuation.

Earlier this year, I attended the American Society of Appraisers Advanced Business Valuation Conference and the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts Consultants Conference and both were at or near record attendance. My sense from talking to attendees is that any decline in estate tax engagements have been replaced by litigation and by engagements on fair value issues. There seems to be no recession on the horizon for this hot practice area.

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