But I love my (obsolete) fax machine!

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This week we published a list of the top ten technology items and office trends that are in danger of making you look like a person stuck in the wrong century. For those of us who remember life before handheld (you thought I was going to say computers, right?) calculators, and as someone who took the real CPA exam when we were only allowed to bring in pencils and erasers and no calculators, I can relate to the people who are going to balk at this list.

After all, didn't we just get thumb drives, and now they're about to be obsolete? Whoa! Things are moving way too fast. I was on the cutting edge of the video business, owning three video rental stores in my city before anyone had ever heard of Blockbuster. I had a personal computer before anyone had ever heard of DOS, let alone windows. I do my best to stay ahead of the curve, but this pace is mindboggling. I can't wait to see what's on the top ten list ten years from now!

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By lgunn
Jun 26th 2015 01:10

I made my staff go back to printing calculators. It is much faster than reconciling check runs on an excel spreadsheet. One of them still fights me on it, so I constantly challenge her to a race and show her how much faster the calculator is than she could ever dream of being on excel. The accuracy is much better, too, when done right. But that is about the only thing I still use it for.

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