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Ever look back at life and ask what you would do over? The most obvious for me would not be pursuing a career that required travel. I never want to experience an airport again.

That means you wouldn't be reading this blog, because professional speaking and consulting required international travel to reach your utmost.

Yes - I've been paid to go to Europe many times, South America and have seen Canada from coast to coast. It wasn't worth it in terms of damage to health and time away from family.

Travel creates extreme anxiety, although some, like buddies Chris Frederiksen and Don Scholl, thrive on it. They are rare. It is a miserable existence similar to being in a washing machine run by an operator who simply doesn't care.

In my book there is only one airline worth flying: Southwest. Your bags get there, they care about such trivial things like taking off and arriving on time, and their people are accomodating, occasionally even fun ("please remember to take all of your belongings, especially your children...').

9/11 made me give serious thought to giving up the money and "fame" if you can call it that of being a well-known consultant. Now I am just a good ole CPA in a small town with a nice litigation support practice and great people to support it and our tax practice.

And loving it.

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