Business Etiquette Guidelines: What's Right - What's Not?

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Many firms incorporate sponsorships at local  business events, exhibits at industry trade shows, and  seminars and netwoking events as  integral components of their marketing strategy.  As such, employees, both senior professionals and less experienced staff, often find themselves in a variety of different networking circumstances and venues..  

Business etiquette can be easy to talk about but is often hard to implement.

This is noticeable especially at  networking events, trade shows and conferences where an open bar is often difficult to pass up! (Holiday season and its usual round of open house parties brings its own set of challenges). No matter what, "business" is guiding word in "business etiquette." Despite the  temptations of  an open bar,  no one should ever lose sight of the fact that they are representatives of the firm, first and foremost. Everything  you do reflects on the firm, and in a business setting, it is your responsibility to behave in an exemplary fashion and uphold the standards and values of your firm.

Every firm should encourage its staff and partners to get involved in community and industry marketing events, but there have to be smart guidelines established and expectations discussed to encourage appropriate behavior based on the firm's culture and philosophy!    

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