Bush's Marketing Morons and the CPA

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By Allan Boress, CPA - Oh my…Sometimes I just sit back and marvel at how stupid the Bush Marketing Morons are. These are the people who should be consulting with the prez about how to improve his ratings (@ 30% now), how to get his message to the public, how to improve the chance of his buds in the party actually getting reelected come November.

Haven’t these people heard of Dick Morris? Isn’t there just one person who would have some idea of what the American people want?

Now you may be wondering what this has to do with you, a CPA. Here it is:

Bush’s ratings stink because there is no positive PR coming from the White House. They are not communicating WHAT he is doing, WHY he is doing it, and HOW it is of benefit to his clients (voters).

Same problem ALL CPAs and service providers have. We sell
air, so the value we provide isn’t obvious.

In our office, we sit down with the client while doing the project - and afterwards - and TELL THEM WHAT WE DID, why we did it, how it is of benefit and the little likelihood that someone else (competitor) would have done the same things.

Net results: our clients give us an average “grade” of A+ in our client evaluations. That’s right: A+

Another net result: when we do this, we get flooded with referrals, and charge higher fees.

Back to Bush: because there is nothing positive coming from his office, the client/voter is left with whatever info is out there demanding their attention. And here it is: gas prices up, inflation up, Iran nukes, Iraq war, housing market disaster… No wonder his ratings stink.

So...What are your “voter ratings?” What positive news do your clients get? Do they see the value in what you do, or do the partners "think they do."

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