Building Solid Teams

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By Maria Krowicki - Building Solid Teams

The term “teambuilding” can either cover what you are trying to achieve, how you are trying to achieve it, or both. But what is it really? Teambuilding can be a number of things. The basic components are very simple: communication, leadership and trust.

Typically, none of us work alone. We are all part of various relationships throughout our organizations, whether it’s with teams, colleagues, clients, etc. In order to build effective and lasting working relationships, we must be able to engage with others, constructing our relationships in a positive way. Of course, no relationship is without its share of conflict. We must be able to manage and work through those conflicts while encouraging the innovation and collaboration productive conflict can bring.

Leaders are telling their “story” everyday through their actions. And we all know actions speak louder than words. We judge ourselves based on our intentions. Others judge us based on our behaviors. A committed, inspiring leader develops a collaborative culture for employees, and engages the next generation of leaders. In turn, those employees provide consistent and quality service, both internally and externally.

As important as relationships and leaders are, trust may be the most important factor of all. Trust elevates levels of commitment to the team and the organization as a whole. The level of trust a leader is able to garner from employees is contingent upon the employee’s perception of the leader. For example, our Estate and Trust Department works together in this fashion. They communicate, support each other and seek information and guidance amongst their team members. This is attributed to their leader, who inspires them to work together and build their relationships.

Overall, it takes cooperation and a desire to achieve common goals. The high trust factor in teams, coupled with communication and strong leadership, creates a competitive advantage for a firm over its rivals.


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