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By Michelle Golden - Q. How might I bring the contents of my blog to a wider audience?

A. Blog discovery and readership is very organic and, like most marketing, there isn't a single, guaranteed formula, but I can share some general tips and ideas. The best things you can do to promote your blog are:

1 - Write original stuff that your desired audience will get and stay interested in:

  • Write in bite-sized pieces for greatest appeal to a very busy reader
  • Post with adequate frequency to be recognized as someone who is dedicated to maintaining his blog
  • Share your opinions, don’t be too “safe” lest it be dull or predictable—remember, people are drawn to new, exciting ideas
  • Be authentic and relaxed in your writing—it’s not a journal article, it’s a blog post—and show personality

2 - Read and interact with other blogs:

  • Participate in the on-line communities of people who are discussing issues related to your topics and your audience
  • Post comments (not pitchy, though!) on other blogs
  • Pick up other blog posts (with attribution, of course) adding your own ideas and expanding the conversation—be sure to use trackbacks to the original posts
  • Link liberally to other resources and writings (this is called "link love" - give lots)
  • View your blog visitor stats to see what sites referred them and follow those sites
  • Practice good blog etiquette by acknowledging and thanking commenters, and those who link to you

3 - Promote your blog presence throughout all your business communications: email sig, in your articles, newsletters, mailings, etc.

And be sure you are having fun. If you aren't enjoying the practice of blogging, stop. Nothing worse than a dispassionate blogger!

Happy blogging...

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