Blogging is a Good Idea!

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Today there are so many technology tools that you can integrate into your traditional marketing initiatives to help raise awareness of your firm and create a reputation for your leadership skills that the challenge is choosing the ones most effective for you and your firm.

While many of you represent small and mid-size practices, the beauty of today's technology is that it levels the playing field and makes it possible for any size firm to build a brand and gain name recognition at very little hard cost.

The investment you will have to make, though, is in the use of your time. Social media, and blogging in particular, require a good amount of effort. It is no small task to identify critical topics and write about them with some level of consistency (it is recommended that you blog no less than once a week to get and keep the attention of your audience).  You can spread the task across your firm, encouraging others to suggest issues for the blog and perhaps also write some of the content - which can help lessen the burden for any one person.

Regardless of how you distribute the responsibility, writing a blog can have terrific benefits. You have the opportunity to share knowledge, attract attention of business owners, add value, and demonstrate your commitment to the business community.  You can also promote a range of services and address a wide variety of topics, keeping in mind that business tips and case studies will probably be most interesting to your clients.

Writing a blog is a lot of fun despite the necessary effort - and i hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Give it a try - and most likely the search engines will seek you out and help your firm's name recognition grow. Good luck.


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