BKD Sets the Bar for Community Service

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Years ago, I worked for Geo. S. Olive & Co., CPAs, in Indianapolis, and that firm is now part of BKD LLP. One of the things I liked best about working there was the support and encouragement we received to participate in community projects. As BKD CEO and partner Ted Dickman explains in our article on community service, this firm knows the difference between walking the talk and talking the talk. BKD understands that being an active, visible, worthwhile part of the community is its own reward.

We were not required to participate in community events, but we were encouraged to do so, and, in particular, encouraged to help with a project that reflected our own personal interests. The combination of our firm allowing us to devote time to the project with our personal desire to help with the success of the project made a winning combination. Not only were we able to give back to our community in a meaningful way, but it made our firm leaders happy to have us reaching out to people and organizations in need, in the name of the firm. Win-win.

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