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Is your company website a place holder on the Internet, static and unchanging, a dusty description of the services you offer, a picture of the office, contact information? Or is your website a fresh, innovative, lively place to visit, where clients and potential clients can learn more about the people behind the name of your firm, get useful tips and checklists to help them prepare for visits with you, learn ideas they can share with their friends and colleagues, communicate with you comfortably knowing they'll get a response because the people behind the website have a pulse?

That really isn't a question. It's a call to action. Here's a simple test. Perform a Google search for "Accounting firm + your city" or "CPA + your city" or "Tax preparer + your city" - however you think people would describe you if they were looking for someone like you. Take a look at the search results and click on the firms that appear beneath the paid placements. What do they have on their websites that you don't have? Set a goal for yourself of making changes and improving your placement in the search rankings. Not only will you improve your placement, your overhauled website will keep your clients connected to you and will bring in new business as well. This week on AccountingWEB, Michael Alter, president of SurePayroll, offers some sound advice for how you can improve your website.

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