Be an Expert: Your Time to Shine

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There are two keys to building your practice. One, of course is to be good at what you do. Your clients won’t stick around if you don’t produce quality work. The second is to go the extra step and amaze your clients so that they are motivated to refer others to you. Generating word of mouth referrals is the best marketing strategy there is. And all you have to do is become an expert at what you do. And look for opportunities to share your expertise.

Look—here comes one now…  When new tax legislation gets passed (e.g., the Health Care Reform Act) your clients are hearing about it in the news, but they are not sure exactly how it affects them. They may call their trusted tax advisor – that’s you!  Now, it’s your time to shine.
Learn everything you can about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Get a solid understanding of the new tax provisions that may affect your clients as individuals and employers.  Learn from a variety of sources so that you get different viewpoints and tips from others. There is no lack of information available to you on the subject. I’ll offer up one quick source: CPE Link has top tax instructor Vern Hoven providing a two-hour webcast on the subject starting May 25 with more dates to follow.  This format of learning is convenient and because you have access to the recording after the live event you can view the presentation again to reinforce your learning.
Take advantage of any and all information that can serve your clients. Help them avoid penalties and take advantage of tax credits. Being an expert on this can carry you for several years as the effective date on its provisions affects several tax years.
Go you!


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