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Just like in elementary school, the teacher learns the names of the "naughty" boys and girls before the good kids. That's because they demand attention so quickly and the teacher must respond to keep order.

How do I know this for sure? I worked as a kindergarten teachers' aide for a few years (a lifetime ago).

What about your clients? I bet your slow-payers (or non-payers) get a lot of attention for their naughtiness. Your firm sends them notes on their past due statements. They get phone calls from your collection specialists and from your partners.

Wouldn't it be nice to give your good boys and girls special recognition?

Why not send your clients a simple thank-you message for paying their invoices promptly. You know who they are, those clients that are never late with payment (and they usually are prepared at year-end, too, to make your job easier).

Here are some easy steps for this project:

  • Have your collection specialist (accounts receivable person) identify the clients who are always timely with payment.
  • Print the following text on your firm's note card stock.
  • Have the partner-in-charge of that client sign it.
  • Mail it to the client.

Sample text:

Dear xxx,

We think the little things are very important. You might think we don't notice, but we do and we would like to thank-you for your prompt payments.

When you pay your account on time, you make it easier for us to provide you with the high level of service you richly deserve.

Again, we appreciate your consideration in paying your invoices on time and we appreciate your business.

"Promptness is the soul of business."

- - Lord Chesterfield

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