Auditors In Love

Feb 11th 2010
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We usually cover fairly serious topics here in the FEI Blog, (see our Top 10 posts from 2009, for example) but we thought we'd take a detour today and provide some pre-Valentine's Day entertainment by presenting the first-ever 'music video' about accounting performed in the virtual world of Second Life: "If I Were an Auditor." The song (a parody of "If I Were a Carpenter") tells the story of two auditors (would-be auditors) in love, who view their relationship through the lens of accounting and auditing. I was inspired to write the song parody a couple of years ago, and found a great team, described below, to bring this to you.

The Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA), creator of CPA Island in Second Life, and a leading force in continuing education and networking, served as Producer on this project, and Steven Zelin, "The Singing CPA," served as co-musical director with me.

An eclectic ensemble cast, "The MACPA Players & Blogger Friends," was then formed, featuring A-list bloggers and MACPA staff. (Additional bloggers had scheduling conflicts precluding them from participating in the production, but provided moral support to their colleagues in their 'acting' debut.)

You can find links to the lyrics, 'liner notes' and more here, and in this AccountingWEB article.


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