Are Your New Year's Resolutions Nothing More Than Pie Crust Promises?

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Most of you have seen the movie Mary Poppins, either in your own childhood or with your children - and you probably remember the scene where the children implore Mary Poppins to promise them that she will never leave. Her answer is quick and simple -  "That's a pie crust promise," she says, "easily made, easily broken."  Far too often we make pie crust promises to ourselves and our firms. 

How often it happens that we return from a strategic planning meeting or a conference all ready to implement some great new idea, only to get bogged down in client needs, staff issues, and various "fires" that need our immediate attention. New year's resolution typically suffer the same fate. We have great intentions, but little time for execution.  

This year, why not set expectations that you really want to achieve and make time on your calendar to do so. Start your year off by resolving to take your firm to the next level. Schedule time for marketing meetings just as seriously as you would for a client.. Here are some ideas that you can work on as a partner group, or assign to a marketing committee if you do not have a professional marketer on staff.  Invest some time in accomplishing these resolutions, and reap the benefits! 

1. Define your growth goals

2. Establish a strategic plan to help your firm reach its potential

3. Have a process for driving a consistent marketing approach

4. Integrate marketing initiatives across all disciplines of the firm by focusing on strengthening the firm’s over all culture and client service philosophy

5. Hold everyone accountable for implementing marketing activities

6. Track success (and failure!) and find ways to reward those who are doing their best

Good luck and happy new year. Feel free to reply to this blog or contact me for ideas on how to move forward in the next decade. 


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