Are Your Clients "Safe?"

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We spend a good amount of time talking about marketing to potential clients - sending materials, hosting events, conducting campaigns and using telemarketing techniques - all with the expectation that we will make a connection with a future client. But when the economy is tight, and fewer entrepreneurs are eager to launch new companies, the competition for opportunities focuses more on  existing businesses.

If you are not focusing on the experience your clients have when working with your firm, you might be vulnerable. Other firms are prospecting in your community, and their potential clients may be your existing clients! When you follow your  strategic marketing plan, don't ignore existing clients.

Think about how often you initiate a call; how often you stop in for a quick visit; how often you develop an ideas that isn't based on a new service to sell; how many introductions you make in the business community on behalf of your clients; how frequently you think of them when reading an article that is relevant to their organization.  You might find that the pressures on your time for other things diminishes the time you spend being proactive with clients - and if so - they not be as loyal as you think!

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