Are You Ready to Use Technology as a Marketing Tool?

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At a recent meeting of the New Jersey Professional Services Marketing Group, we were all reminded of the importance of leveraging today’s (and tomorrow’s) technology to help brand our firms and maintain a meaningful presence with our targeted audience. As baby boomers retire, the next group of leaders and owners is going to conduct business and gather information in very different ways than the current generation. The printed newspaper is fast becoming obsolete while bloggers are gathering loyal audiences and a global platform that journalists could only dream of in previous years. While words like “Twitter” and all the complicated social media sites may seem like a foreign concept and a foreign language, the reality is that every firm needs to be ready to use these tools to their advantage. It might be a good idea to consider positioning your firm now before your competition owns your space! These ideas are not as far-out as some might think. Make a casual visit to MySpace, FaceBook or LinkedIn and you will see the “Big Four” present along with just about every other firm as well! Whether it is for recruiting purposes, conducting market research, client education, or penetrating a new market segment, this technology is valuable, and it is here to stay. So even if you feel like you are being led along ‘kicking and screaming’ to a whole new world, keep an open mind and see what possibilities exist for your firm. I have to add a special thanks to Jessica Levin who is always so willing to share her knowledge of social media tools with us all – even if we are reluctant at times! Tell us what you are doing!

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