Are you ready for......Second Life?

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You may be looking at the title and asking yourself….what the heck is Second Life? Trust me when I say you are not alone. When I first heard about Second Life, I wasn’t quite sure what it was all about, and I’m still a bit fuzzy on the details. Allow me to explain:

Second Life is a free online virtual world in which you become an avatar (a what?), and “live” in this world. The world is imagined and created by its residents. Basically you are interacting with real live people all over the world, and are represented by an avatar, which is your digital persona. You are allotted a basic avatar for free, and if you want to customize, there is a small fee (naturally). From there, the possibilities are endless in this virtual realm of imagination.

You may be saying to yourself, who cares. Sounds like something my teenager would be into. Why would I have an interest in playing within a virtual world, let alone creating an avatar.

Interestingly enough, companies are using Second Life as a networking and recruiting tool. Individuals can publicly communicate with one another in text or voice chat, as well as private conversations can be held among groups or individuals. One can also hold meetings, conduct training, and simulate business situations – all from the comfort and convenience of an immersive 3D environment.

It certainly sounds like an interesting concept, and one I plan to research further. The jury is out on what kind of benefit we stand to gain from this, however, you just never know.

If anyone is using Second Life for networking and recruiting, I would welcome any feedback.


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