Are You "Present" Where You Should Be?

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When talking about marketing ideas it is tempting to jump right into the middle of the process and begin discussing tactics for increasing firm recognition and building brand awareness. But before you get that far down the path, stop and think about what you are trying to accomplish - and then determine, based on your goals, where you should be spending your time and how you should be allocating your resources.

Along with the use of social media, websites, trade shows, ad campaigns and direct mailers, even more importantly, you need to be committed to building a meaningful presence with your target audience.  That sounds simple - but becoming immersed in a market segment is hard work - it requires being focused, disciplined and determined to build status with a select group. It means learning about the needs of this market and drilling down to understand their issues, challenges and opportunities. It means wearing a consultative hat to add value to client discussions. But in the end, it pays off.

But you cannot accomplish this remotely. Ads, public relations, e-newsletters and events all help to strongly support your promise of excellence, but your presence in the community is the key ingredient in a world built on relationships. I suggest you don't overlook the importance of your networking role. Use this time to meet people and build connections where you can be the most effective.


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