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Are You Performing at Your Productive Best for 2012?

Jan 19th 2012
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According to CPE Link instructor and productivity expert, Laura Stack, "Success will come to those who can accomplish more in less time and consistently perform at their productive best."  

Let’s see how you rate. The more of the following statements that ring “true” for you, the more productive you probably are!
  • I know exactly why I work hard and what I'm trying to achieve. 
  • I create systems to perform tasks more efficiently, so I can leave the office on time. 
  • I regularly rest and recharge my batteries, so I can be productive and creative when I return to work. 
  • I accomplish the day's most profitable and valuable tasks
  • I refuse requests when appropriate; I know how to say no graciously. 
  • I push tasks down to the lowest level of responsibility, trusting others to do their jobs. 
  • I weigh the results of attending each meeting against the alternative results I could produce instead.
  • I do not live in my email inbox and stay focused on my work. 
  • I know I can only focus on a few items at a time, so I limit my multi-tasking in order to maximize my productivity.
  • I don’t allow socializing to overwhelm my productivity, whether online or in real life. 
  • I know technology and my handheld are tools to help me be more productive—no addiction here.
  • My email is organized, and my inbox is regularly emptied. 
  • I keep careful track of my contacts and my communications with them; I can tell you what was said in a meeting a year ago. 
  • I don't waste time while traveling; I’m efficient and get a lot accomplished.
  • When I have all the information I need to proceed, I make decisions quickly. 
  • I understand the difference between being busy and being productive: results. 
  • I keep an eye on my stress level, realizing it would be a mistake to ignore my emotional health. 
  • Even when a task is monumental, I keep working at it until I whittle it down to size.  
  • I am a positive person, even in negative circumstances.
Didn’t rate well?  Get some guidance from Laura Stack and launch into 2012 at your productive best!

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