Are You Addressing Your Clients' Most Crucial Needs?

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At the close of 2009 our firm conducted a survey through our web site for business owners, asking them to share predictions for their company's growth in 2010. We also asked them to rank their greatest concerns for the coming year. From this exercise we learned that most of the respondants are cautiously optimistic about the coming year and we also earned that one of their key issues is in regards to having an exit strategy in place.

Having this kind of first hand information available helps us serve our clients more effectively. We will be able to work closely with clients and have targeted conversations addressing their interest in having an exit strategy - or any other concern that they have.

Whether you conduct a survey or simply have a formal, planned conversation with every "A" client at least twice annually, you mst find  a way to access the information you need to be their trusted advisors.

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