Are YOU a Tax Expert? There's a Job Waiting For You.

Oct 21st 2011
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Are YOU a Tax Expert?  

Yup. Intuit has lots and lots of openings for the Turbo Tax Ask a Tax Expert position – at last count, about 100 jobs – just waiting for you.
Several of my students who have just passed the EA exam have been applying to the program. They’ve been telling me about the interview process. Quite interesting. I’ll tell you about it in a minute.
Oh, don’t think that they will hire just anyone who has gotten a credential. Remember, many of the people taking TaxMama’s EA Exam Review Class have been tax professionals for years. They just were not EAs. Or they are CPAs who want to strengthen their tax skills.
  • You do need to be an EA, CPA of JD with currently active credentials to get this job.
  • Experience preparing federal and state tax returns either individual (1040) or business (1120, 1120S, 1065, 1041, 990, 706).
  • Ability to discuss complex tax topics and situations using excellent verbal and written communication skills Proficiency in researching IRS and state publications, regulations and GAAP publications
  • It’s particularly helpful if you know how to research tax questions and use the relevant tax authorities – all of which are free online (or, of course, Intuit will provide you with the tools).
  • And it certainly helps if you’re familiar with tax software!
So, first of all, what’s so great about the job?
No commuting. No driving. No wasted time sitting in traffic. No expensive, uncomfortable suits or wardrobe. You get to work from home, at your own computer and your own telephone. That’s like getting an instant 15% raise.
Working at home, you can still manage your household, do your cleaning and laundry and stuff, while answering questions and doing research. So you might not need to spend as much on cleaning folk.
Why do I bring this up? Well, the money isn’t all that great. At least, not the base pay.   That’s about $16 - $20 per hour.
But, there’s a bonus. Intuit says the bonus can be as much as $8,400. In fact, rumors tell me it might even more if you’re really good at your job. But, it could be less. They start out allocating the bonus to you. You lose it for being late, or uncooperative, or getting bad reviews from customers, or other things you don’t do properly. But if you just do a terrific, enthusiastic job – you will get to keep it all. Maybe more.
The job is full-time, even though you’re working from home. Naturally, it might run into some overtime. And if they like you, naturally, they are apt to call you back next year – or have other uses for your talents or skills.
How do you get hired?
Naturally, you send them an application. (To get to the head of the line, I might be able to get your application into the hands of a friend who can move you up…)
They will put you through a series of tests. One of the tests is your ability to provide clear, coherent, written answers to a variety of tax questions. After all, that’s the heart of the job. If you can’t do that, who needs you?
And yes, grammar and spelling count. So be sure you clean up your documents before finalizing them.
You’ll be interviewed on the phone. They will check up on your background. And since it’s getting close to tax season already (the job runs from Oct – April), you might be getting hired pretty quickly. After all, they have to train you before tax season.
Listen to what the big boss, Bob Meighan, VP of Intuit has to say about these positions.

So, if you want a full-time job, working from home, making about $2000 - $3000 per month…or more. Apply IMMEDIATELY.


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By onaneedtoknowbasis
Jun 26th 2015 01:10

I spent a season as a tax expert and the info about the bonus is bogus. Vey few receive the 8400.00. The criteria for the bonus were totally obtuse and not divulged. It's basically a sales type but keep the criteria a big secret

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By sdn
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

I know you can work for intuit through a website company called You have to pay for the training then you can get paid to take calls from home. I have not worked for Intuit but I did work for another company from home through Arise. I was paid well and on time each month. They have a lot of computer issues with the calling system. I was spending more and more time with tech support for the same recurring problems that is why I am no longer working with them. I would not hesitate to work with them again.

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