Are You a "Smart" Tax Professional?

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Technology - got to love it.  With all of the "smart" technology, it (whatever "it" is), can tell you what you need or when something needs attention before you can.  It can tell you when something is wrong when you don't even know something is wrong.  It can also help you prevent problems from happening by telling you when something needs maintenance.

Have you seen the recent Infiniti car commercial where a kid and his toy gets behind a car when it is backing out of the driveway.  The person driving doesn't see the kid or the toy, but the car does.  The car applies the brakes on its own.  That is a "smart" car.

My question is - are we "smart" tax professionals? Can we identify things that are wrong before others do? Can we prevent problems from occurring by identifying issues early?

What problem or prevention (risk management) system does your company have in place?  What do you rely on to be "smart" (personally or professionally)?

Don't be dumb, be "smart."

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