Apply What You Learn (OR It’s Not all About Credit)

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Continuing professional education is mandatory for most licensees. And I have actually heard the more cynical folks in the industry say that we, as CPE providers, are merely selling CPE hours. But, I couldn’t disagree more.

Maybe I’m an idealist (well, I know I am), but I like to think that most participants are truly here to learn. I like to think they choose topics of interest in order to expand their skills, their professional competence, and maybe just for the joy of learning? Well, maybe that’s a stretch. CPAs are so practical--as this comment on a recent webcast evaluation illustrates: "This was an excellent presentation. I learned a lot that can be applied immediately. Very worthwhile.” Yep, CPAs are all about practical. They want to be able to apply what they’ve learned.

So, if applicability is the key criteria for success, then I know CPE Link has delivered something worthwhile when I read comments like these on the evaluations: "Great seminar! I learned several tips that will definitely help with year-end closings" and "this course reinforced some of the steps that I was taking and confirmed that they were the most effective way…also reminded me of some steps that I was overlooking to make my year end checks easier and more time efficient."

A recent attendee in a social media webcast summed up this need to apply the information ASAP. She said:  “very interesting, informative, and educational. Now, on to implementation."

So, here’s the deal: CPE Link will continue to put on programs intended to offer practical, useful content that you can apply in your firm (and yes, you’ll earn your CPE credit hours too).



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