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I might be going out on a limb with this statement, but accountants, generally speaking, are numbers people. Call me crazy. For those of you who enjoy a good math challenge such as the baseball one from last year, here’s a whopper for you. The first person who can post the correct answer (you’ll have to prove how you arrived at the answer and the assumptions you made) will receive the glorious honor of being the Big Brain. We’ll also send you a fantastic massive box of chocolates!

Here’s the stumper:
A family in Rockford, Michigan, recently had a third child. This one was born on October 10, which is 10/10/10. Their previous two children were born on 9/9/09 and 8/8/08, respectively. If they had set out to attempt to make this happen, having one child per each year, what were the odds of these birthdates hitting for all three children? This couple induced labor to hit these birth targets, but for the sake of arithmetic and maternity fun, please ignore that fact and look at this case simply from the view of pure chance. Let the calculations begin!

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