Amazon Launches Social Network for Kindle Users

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Saw the following tweet in my timeline this morning: 

@ProfessorGary: From out of nowhere Amazaon launch their own social network for books via @CathyLAnderson

Having had a Kindle for several months (I love it) and being innately curious about all things social media related, I followed the link and discovered a site simply titled Amazon Kindle.  Very straightforward.  I'm not going to repeat Cathy Anderson's observation on her blog post but I think she covers it pretty well (read her blog post if you haven't yet).

My initial thoughts:

  • It automatically showed all of the books on my Kindle.  Good start.
  • It has reviews on some of the books - I think it must be the ones I've reviewed on Amazon itself.  I usually review on Shelfari (see below) and on the Amazon reading app on LinkedIn but not always on Amazon. 
  • Need to see if I do a review on this new site if it updates Amazozn.  Maybe I should read the FAQ first.
  • I've been using Shelfari for several years now to track my reading.  Amazon bought it somewhere along the way.  You sign into both sites with an Amazon log in, but they don't seem to be tied together at all.  I've been trying to figure out Amazon's intentions for Shelfari for a while.  That there still isn't a link between not only Amazon and Shelfari but between Shelfari and this new site suggests Shelfari isn't going to be around forever.  I'm off point.  I'd really like a way to import my ratings, read status and reviews from Shelfari and I don't think you can do it.
  • For that matter I wish that the Amazon reading app on LinkedIn tied to something else too but now I'm really off point.
  • I like how, as Cathy Anderson says, Amazon is letting Facebook and Twitter do most of the work.  I've linked my Amazon Kindle account to Twitter and when I have an extra minute (which will probably be week after next) I'll link my Facebook too.
  • It's going to take some time for this site to be really useful - more users and more reviews are needed.  But this is Amazon and I suspect we will see it gain traction.

If you're following me on Twitter @joelungar and you join this site you should be able to find me here too.

Let me know what you think (especially if you've figured out a way to import information from Shelfari.


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