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I love to go to conferences. I don’t particularly enjoying sitting in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours with limited breaks, but I do enjoy the excitement of going places.

I try to plan my flights, so that I arrive in the early afternoon on the day before the conference. This gives me time to sight-see and shop.

On one trip to Washington, DC, I talked a couple of other conference attendees into taking a moon light bus tour of the monuments. It was absolutely wonderful. The only downside was the millions of kids on their school trips. There would be rivers of kids in red t-shirts followed by another river in blue or yellow. It was very colorful. Anyway, Sue and Roger accompanied me on the tour. Toward the end, the group was walking back to the busses and Sue and I were toward the front. The bus driver said to walk through the gravel and the bus would be right there. Sue and I were talking and following the people in front of us. Unfortunately, the people in front of us were not part of our tour and when we came to the sidewalk, there were no busses in sight. We looked around the corner and saw the busses and started walking toward them, when they all suddenly started to leave. We ran after the bus and luckily someone saw us and the bus stopped for us. When I got on the bus, I located Roger and said, “Thanks, a lot Roger for holding the bus for us.” He replied, “I thought you were in the back of the bus.” Needless to say, Roger is not on my speed dial anymore.

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