Ahead of schedule: EFIN and PTIN in place

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I had recently been to meetings with CPAs and EAs discussing their experiences enrolling for their new PTINs. Based on those discussions, I didn't think I would obtain a PTIN before December 31.  Earlier this week, I was up at 5 am thanks to the cats using me once again as their pillow. I thought it would be a perfect time to register.

When I went to the IRS Website, the PTIN process required a separate registration and logon from the e-services section of the site. Two months ago, I had started the EFIN process and sent a copy of my CPA wallet card to the IRS. But I couldn't understand why I had received notice. The problem was I didn't scroll down far enough on a couple of screens, resulting my application staying open. An IRS agent who walked me through the rest of the process earlier this month said it may take more than a few days for my EFIN to be issued.

The PTIN process didn't take as long as I thought. The total time was 15 to 20 minutes, most of which was spent verifying my previous entries or obtaining other information. One of the screens asked for my EFIN, which I was certain had yet to be assigned. But for peace of mind, I opened a separate browser window to check the EFIN application. To my surprise, the word "completed" appeared beside my name. And upon further review, a six-digit number appeared under the EFIN category on my application summary.

I added the EFIN  to the PTIN application, which also had my SSN.  All that was needed now was payment of $64.25. Once the credit card information was added, I was ready to submit. During my meetings with the CPAs and EAs, the consensus was I would receive my old PTIN, but there was no guarantee. My application was submitted. and a new screen appeared that approved my application .... and gave me my old PTIN!

Now I have an EFIN, PTIN, tax software and fresh pages for my planner. I also took full advantage of early voting. If nothing else happens this year, I am far ahead of schedule on two fronts.

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