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So, I'm on a phone call holding for what seems like forever (no wait, it WAS forever), and before I zone out completely, decide to skip around on Yahoo and catch up on some news.  As I'm jumping around, I see a caption that says "Seven hot careers through 2018".  Intrigued to see what the hot careers are, I click on it naturally. 

What are top priorites for a new career? Good pay?  Stability?  Job security for the foreseeable future?  Looking for all three... then read on.....

How great was it to see that an Accountant/Auditor is a hot career through 2018 and beyond.  And even better, it wasn't the 7th hot career, or the 4th hot career.  Its was the #1 hot career!!!!! 

The blurb went on to give a quick overview of what an accountant does, as well as the following factors that make this career hot hot HOT:

  • There were 1.3 million accountant and auditor jobs in 2008
  • And the Department of Labor projects about 279,400 new positions to be added through 2018
  • Changing financial laws, evolving regulations, and more detailed scrutiny of company finances mean fast job growth for accountants

It goes on to provide links to search for accounting and business schools, training options and median salary.  This is a great piece to show that undecided student you may know, who is not quite sure about a career in accounting.  HOT CAREER #1!

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