Accounting error changes results of beauty pageant

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The Miss Universe Organization is under fire as the Miss California USA 2008 Pageant de-crowns and re-crowns contestants without following protocol. According to sources, the newly crowned Christina Silva was asked to relinquish her crown on Thursday night after it was discovered that the results of the judging were miscalculated.

The discrepancy was said to be in a miscounting of the ballots and they were read backwards, according to statements by K2 Productions, the video and film production service associated with directing the pageant.

Accusations of a fix have surfaced and Silva is calling for an investigation. "We all put our trust in the Miss Universe institution, as have so many other young women through the years." Silva said, "I just think it is important for the truth to come out."

Silva said, "They never could explain their accounting error, but told me that if I didn't give up my crown..., my personal integrity could be questioned, and my career could potentially suffer."

Silva has retained the West Los Angeles based law firm of Trivino Perez & Associates. Attorney Wilfredo Trivino-Perez stated that his office intends to closely watch the investigative process.

The name of the accountant or the firm with which the accountant is associated has not been released.

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